June Chiang

About Us

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Our goal is to help each client discover and create a healthier, stronger, vital body and mind with the ability to move freely with maximum comfort and ease, so he or she can fully engage life.

Each session we provide is a highly personalized and integrated mind-body experience, including an uplifting and relaxing blend of Pilates, classical and contemporary, Gyrotonic, Yamuna Body Rolling, and more.

These unique work outs are designed to help each client overcome perceived limitations resulting from injuries, surgeries, inappropriate movement and postural compensations, and modern life stress.

We focus on unwinding the kinks and awakening forgotten muscle connections, so you can experience the joy of movement.


As a Los Angeles native, June grew up dancing ballet, playing classical piano, studying the sciences, and loving the arts. In 1995, an ankle injury led her to Pilates and Gyrotonic as part of her rehabilitation program. She was hooked!

For the first time, she felt connected to the deep core muscles and discovered a new way of moving. The Pilates teachers showed her how inappropriate compensations and misalignments may have led to the injury. She was taught to change her muscle and movement patterns in a healthy and balanced way. There were no more ankle injuries! Pilates and Gyrotonic became her passion!!

June decided to make the leap from a career in behavioral optometry and became certified in Pilates and Gyrotonic in the year 2000. She wanted to help others who might also be searching for better ways to manage and overcome their injuries, pain, and physical limitations. Ultimately, she wanted to share with others the same love and appreciation for movement with her creative and intuitive approach.

June has had the honor of learning from several master teachers and schools in the worlds of Pilates, Gyrotonic, Yamuna Body Rolling and more. These include, Jillian Hessel, Juliu Horvath, Yamuna, LA Body Kinetics, Long Beach Dance Conditioning, Trina Altman, Mary Bond, Juergen Baumberger, Angela Crowley, Hilary Cartwright, Pino Carbone, Christina Brunk Stroh, Uwe Herbstreit and more. The learning continues and with each course and teacher she adds another tool to her tool box so she can keep giving her clients exposure to new experiences and techniques for optimal results.

When June is not in the studio, you might find her taking ballet barre, hiking on the beaches and mountains of California, seeing optometry patients in the hospital, or enjoying museums and movies.

There are so many wonderful things to discover and experience in the world. June hopes to inspire everyone to keep the mind and body happy and have the best quality of life, possible!