June Chiang


Reformer Springs Central Diagonal
Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates as a rehabilitation method for wounded soldiers in World War I.  He brought his technique to New York City and trained ballet dancers who wanted to improve their performance and create a lean aesthetic. The slow, linear, unidirectional, controlled movement with spring resistance teaches students to strengthen the core muscles. A few repetitions of Pilates exercises performed with mindful focus and proper technique impacts the core muscles much more than doing a hundred sit-ups.  A strong core provides stabilization for the hips, spine, and shoulder girdle. This allows the shoulder and neck muscles to relax and improves overall alignment.



GYROTONIC® was developed by dancer and gymnast, Juliu Horvath, as a means of managing severe injuries he sustained while dancing.  These exercises involve circular and multi-directional movements of the body and spine.  Special breathing techniques complement the movement.  GYROTONIC® has elements of yoga, swimming, tai-chi, and dance. The Gyrotonic® Expansion System consists of weights, pulleys, and a handle unit to facilitate continuous, fluid movement, which strengthens and stretches muscle and connective tissue.  This system opens stagnant and locked joints, increases range of motion, and creates balance in the body


YBR Red Ball

Yamuna Body Rolling was developed by Yamuna Zake. This technique incorporated elements of massage and hatha yoga. Students roll their body on specially designed balls. The rolling releases fascia and muscle and stimulates bone development. Body rolling can break up scar tissue and re-educate muscle imbalances. Rolling up the back stimulates the nervous system and unwinds accumulated tension from our stressful daily lives.