June Chiang


We offer 55 minute private and semi-private sessions.

Privates are a one-on-one experience which allows for a highly focused session with the most impact. Specific Pilates, Gyrotonic, and Yamuna routines are given according to a client's needs for each encounter. No two sessions are alike and the routines are customized specifically for each client.

Semi-privates involve two clients working with one instructor. The focus is on a good general work-out which is appropriate for both clients. It is helpful if the clients mutually agree on the type of work they want to accomplish for each session. There is slightly less detailed correction as the instructors attention is focused on the general wellbeing of two clients.

Group Sessions in the studio are available to clients who are relatively injury free, experienced on the equipment, like group activities, and are independently driven to work out.

Maximum benefit and progress happens when a client takes two sessions a week. A combination of the options mentioned is highly recommended. Privates allow for detailed instruction, problem focused routines, and the most impact on your body and mind. Semi-privates and group sessions allow for reinforcement of what is learned in the private sessions.

And of course, keep in mind that doing something is better than nothing. Just getting started will engage your mind/body connection and the experience will guide you in deciding what works best for you.

For more information and to schedule an appointment, please contact June Chiang by completing the Contact form or calling at (310) 739-2353. We look forward to hearing from you!